Version 1.2

New in Version 1.2:

  • Direct data export.


Version 1.1

New in Version 1.1:

  • Tablet support,
  • Enhanced GPS navigation,
  • Raster grid navigation,
  • Inventories with flexible count factor and sample plot area,
  • New semi-automatic calibration method,
  • Bug fixes.


Version 1.0

Measuring instrument for capturing the following dendrometric variables:

  • Basal area per hectare (G), with or without distinction of tree species
  • Number of stems per hectare (N)
  • Tree height (h)
  • Growing stock per hectare (V)


MOTI has 4 levels:

  • Single measurement of G (basal area per ha), N (number of stems per ha), h (tree height) and V (timber volume per ha) without saving the measurement results
  • Bundling of several measurements and saving the measurements, incl. the GPS coordinates of the measurement location (individual sample plots)
  • Stand inventory by sample plots with the continuous calculation of the estimated error range
  • Local inventories, for example in a predefined sample plot network, with the continuous calculation of the estimated error range


New in Version 1.0

  • Support for local inventories with navigation to coordinates
  • SiWaWa extension
  • Server support for data backup
  • Eliminated issues with high resolution screens on Google Play