The MOTI book is now published!

| 29.01.2018 |

The book MOTI - L’inventaire forestier simplifié par le smartphone – is now available (so far in French only)! This book is both a guide explaining clearly and in detail the technical principles behind MOTI functionalities, and a handbook intended to end-users that explains how to use these different functionalities.

The book is available-for-sale here (15 euros).

Release of MOTI 1.1.0 for Android

| 09.06.2016 |

The new Android version of MOTI is now available! This new version presents several upgrades: an even easier and faster calibration procedure, additional functionalities that further simplify inventory records, and the portability on tablets.

The application is available here free of charge.

MOTI now also available on iPhone

| 23.12.2015 |

As of now MOTI can be downloaded from the App Store. Like its Android predecessor, the iOS app is available in English, French, German and Italian. Merry Christmas!

MOTI soon available for iPhone

| 20.05.2015 |

Here it is: MOTI for iPhone. The first test version is already running and development continues. The iPhone version should be publicly available at the end of summer 2015.


| 18.02.2014 |

Good news: MOTI has been downloaded more than 500 times!